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Jared Anderson

President / Jared Anderson
Emery Telcom

Jared is the Assistant General Manager for Emery Telcom. During his tenure with Emery Telcom he has served as Marketing/PR Manager, Business Development Manager. He had an instrumental role in the Precis acquisition and expansion in to the Moab Community and is heavily involved in planning for Moab bradband internet services, and further expansions.

Jared has a Bachelors Degree in Economics from Southern Utah University, a variety of technical training, and he is very interested in technology and its impact on work and life.
He loves the Moab area, and is excited to see it evolve. As an avid trail runner and rock climber he spends as much time in Moab as possible. He currently serves on the Emery County Chamber of Commerce Board, and also volunteers on the Emery County Search and Rescue organization.